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Alata Samina is a Ghanaian soap Alata samina literally means Nigerian soap. It is an indigenous Ghanaian soap that’s been used for centuries, passed on from generation to generation.

Alata samina is made from a mixture of plantain peels and/or cocoa pod, red palm oil, coconut oil, sea salt, and cocoa butter or Shea butter. Agoa bark, oils, and fragrances may be added to render it more appealing.


This soap is safe to use since it contains no foreign chemicals like lye. The base in the plantain ash acts as the lye or sodium hydroxide would in the soap making process. Scientists at Ghana’s research agency CSIR have endorsed Alata samina as being rich in vitamin A, E, and iron. These vitamins and minerals replenish and soften the skin.

Other benefits of using the soap include treating acne, eczema, and body odor, and helping to alleviate oily skin. Prolonged use of Alata samina is believed to aid in removal of excess fat from the face and leave it feeling and looking fresh. You can wash your face often with the soap to prevent dust and oils from penetrating the pores of the skin. It even functions well as a make-up remove

Key Features
  • Good for body odour elimination
  • Can be used to treat eczema
  • Serves as makeup remover
  • Truly Natural
  • efficient hygiene
  • skin care
  • Ideal for skin
  • Pleasant Aroma
Specifications of Diamond Natural Soap (Big Size)
Production country
Weight (kg)
Skin Type
All Skin Types

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